Fertilization & Weed Control

Do you want a healthy lawn that looks great all year long?

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Our veterans are licensed and fully trained professionals that are dedicated to exceptional customer service and work ethic. You’ll love your lawn, we guarantee it.

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn fertilization services provide your lawn with nutrients that gives your grass a rich green color by enriching the soil. We will evaluate your soil condition and grass type to determine your lawn’s specific needs.

Our fertilization formula is applied every season to stimulate and maintain growth feeding your lawn for 4-8 weeks on the blend or time of year. Fertilizers also produce strong roots and grass that resists weeds, disease and insects. Contact us and we will design the perfect service for your lawn.

Weed Control

Military Cut takes pride in excellent lawn weed control services. A single weed can spread quickly if not treated. Our professional weed control prevents the spread of over 60 types of weeds that may pop up throughout the year. Combined with fertilization and mowing, we will keep your grass thriving all year long. Protect your lawn with the help Military Cut’s professional weed control services today.