Mulch Installation Service by Military Cut

Just in time for Spring! Score BIG with Mulch Madness!

Military Cut Mulch Madness Sarasota Lawn Care. 10 % off purchase and installation.

There’s never been a better time to save on mulch than during the month of March. For the entire month, you can receive 10% OFF the purchase and install with Mulch Madness. And remember, Military Cut always does a proper install. Our mulching services are much different than others and include:

  • Weeding-removal of existent weeds, guaranteed to get to the root of the problem
  • Weed matting installation-to ensure minimal growth of new weeds from forming
  • Add pins to matting-to stabilize mat and secure it in place
  • Mulching-precision ground covering for ultimate look, feel and longevity

We look forward to serving you this month. But remember, when March ends so does Mulch Madness. Purchase must occur on or before 3/31/17 to qualify for promotional offer.

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